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Electrolux ESP4SL10SP User Manual page 26

Automatic coffee maker
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The appliance does not
come on
The brewing unit cannot be
At the end of descaling, the
appliance requests a third
The milk does not come out
of the milk spout
The milk contains large
bubbles and squirts out of
the milk spout or there is
little froth
The machine emits noises
or small puffs of steam
while not in use
Possible cause
It is not plugged into the
mains socket.
The main switch (A10) is
not turned on.
The appliance has not been
turned off correctly
During the two rinse cycles,
the water tank (A6) has not
been filled to the MAX level
The lid of the milk container
(B8) is dirty
The milk is not cold enough
or is not semi-skimmed or
The froth adjustment dial is
incorrectly adjusted.
The milk container lid or
froth adjustment dial is dirty
The hot water/steam con-
nection nozzle (A5) is dirty
The machine is ready for
use, or has recently been
turned off, and condensate
is dripping into the hot
Plug into the mains socket.
Press the main switch
(fig. 1).
Turn the appliance off by
pressing the ON/OFF/
stand-by button (A4)
Follow the instructions
displayed by the appliance,
but first empty the drip tray
(A8) to avoid the water
Clean the milk container
lid as described in section
"Cleaning the milk con-
Use skimmed or semi-
skimmed milk at refrigerator
temperature (about 5° C).
If the result is not as you
wished, try changing brand
of milk.
Adjust following the instruc-
tions in section "Adjusting
the amount of froth".
Clean the milk container lid
and froth adjustment dial as
described in section "Clean-
ing the milk container".
Clean the connection noz-
zle as described in section
"Cleaning the hot water/
steam connection nozzle".
This is part of normal
operation. To limit the
phenomenon, empty the
drip tray.



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