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Electrolux ESP4SL10SP User Manual page 18

Automatic coffee maker
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automatically asks to clean the
circuit of the jug at the end of
the recipe. Turn the rotary to the
CLEAN position.
Clean the milk container each time you
prepare milk as described below:
1. Lift and remove the lid;
2. Extract the milk container (B8) from
the thermal casing, holding it by the
two side grips.
The thermal casing must not be
filled with or immersed in water.
Clean with a damp cloth only.
3. Remove the milk spout and intake
tube (fig. 33 Quick Guide).
4. Turn the froth adjustment dial clock-
wise to the "INSERT" position and
pull off.
5. Wash all components of the frother
thoroughly with hot water and a mild
dish-washing detergent. All compo-
nents and the container are dish-
washer safe, placing them in the top
basket of the dishwasher.
Make sure there are no milk residues
on the hollow and groove under the
If necessary, scrape the groove with
a toothpick.
6. Rinse inside the froth adjustment dial
seat and the milk frother connector
7. Check that the intake tube and spout
are not clogged with milk residues.
8. Replace the dial (lining up the arrow
with the word INSERT), spout and
milk intake tube.
9. Place the milk container in the ther-
mal casing.
10. Place the lid back on the milk con-
10.11 Cleaning the hot water/
steam connection nozzle
Each time you prepare milk, clean the
connection nozzle (A5) with a sponge to
remove milk residues from the gaskets.
10.12 Cleaning the hot water/
steam spout after use
Always clean the hot water/steam spout
(B6) after use to avoid the build-up of
milk residues and prevent it from clog-
1. Place a container under the hot
water/steam spout and deliver a little
water. Stop delivery of hot water by
pressing STOP.
2. Wait a few minutes for the hot water/
steam spout to cool down, then
extract. Hold the spout with one hand
and with the other, turn the cappuc-
cino maker and pull it downwards.
3. Also remove the steam connection
nozzle by pulling it downwards.
4. Check the hole in the connection
nozzle is not blocked. If necessary,
clean using a toothpick.
5. Wash all parts of the spout thorough-
ly with a sponge and warm water.
6. Insert the connection nozzle, then
the cappuccino maker on the spout
by pushing it upwards and turning it
clockwise until it is attached.



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