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Electrolux ESP4SL10SP User Manual page 17

Automatic coffee maker
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10.8 Cleaning the pre-ground
coffee funnel
Check regularly (about once a month )
that the pre-ground coffee funnel (A11) is
not blocked. If necessary, remove coffee
deposits with the brush (B5) supplied.
10.9 Cleaning the brewing unit
The brewing unit must be cleaned at
least once a month.
The brewing unit (A2) must not be
removed when the appliance is
on. Do not use force to remove the
brewing unit.
1. Make sure the machine is correctly
turned off.
2. Open the service door.
3. Remove the drip tray and waste cof-
fee container (fig. 26 Quick Guide).
4. Press the two coloured release but-
tons inwards and at the same time
pull the brewing unit outwards (fig. 31
Quick Guide).
Do not use washing up liquid to
clean the brewing unit. It would
remove the lubricant applied to the
inside of the piston.
5. Soak the brewing unit in water for
about 5 minutes, then rinse (fig. 32
Quick Guide).
6. After cleaning, replace the brewing
unit (A2) by sliding it onto the internal
support and pin at the bottom, then
push the PUSH symbol fully in until it
clicks into place.
If you encounter difficulty inserting
the brewing unit, before inserting
it you must adapt it to the right
dimension by pressing it forcefully
from the bottom and top.
7. Once inserted, make sure the two
coloured release buttons have
snapped out.
8. Replace the drip tray and waste cof-
fee container.
9. Close the service door.
10.10 Cleaning the milk con-
tainer (B8)
Each time the coffee machine
performs a milk based recipe, it



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