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Electrolux ESP4SL10SP User Manual page 16

Automatic coffee maker
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ground container
When "Empty ground container" appears
on the display (C1), the ground container
must be emptied and cleaned. The appli-
ance cannot be used to make coffee until
the ground container has been cleaned.
Even if not full, the empty ground con-
tainer message is displayed 72 hours
after the first coffee has been prepared.
For the 72 hours to be calculated cor-
rectly, the machine must never be turned
off with the main switch (A10).
To clean (with the machine on):
1. Open the bottom door (if present) by
rotating it downwards (fig. 25 Quick
2. Remove the drip tray (A8) (fig. 26
Quick Guide), empty and clean.
3. Empty the ground container (fig. 27
Quick Guide) and clean thoroughly to
remove all residue left on the bottom.
This can be done using the spatula
on the brush (B5) provided.
When removing the drip tray,
the ground container must be
emptied, even if it contains only
few grounds. If this is not done,
the ground container may overfill
and clog the machine as the user
continues to prepare coffees.
10.4 Cleaning the drip tray
The drip tray (A8) is fitted with a
level indicator (red) showing the
level of water it contains. Before
the indicator protrudes from the
cup tray, the drip tray must be
emptied and cleaned, otherwise
the water may overflow the edge
and damage the appliance, the
surface it rests on or the surround-
ing area.
To remove the drip tray, proceed as
1. Remove the drip tray and coffee
ground container (A1) (fig. 26 Quick
2. Empty the drip tray (fig. 28 Quick
Guide) and ground container and
wash them.
10.5 Cleaning inside of the
coffee machine
Before cleaning internal parts, the
machine must be turned off and
unplugged from the mains power
supply. Never submerge the appli-
ance into water.
1. Check regularly (about once a
month) that the inside of the appli-
ance (accessible after removing the
drip tray (A8) ) is not dirty.
2. If necessary, remove coffee deposits
with the brush (B5) supplied and a
sponge. Remove all the residues
with a vacuum cleaner (fig. 29 Quick
10.6 Cleaning the water tank
1. Clean the water tank (A6) regularly
(about once a month) and whenever
you replace the water softener filter
(B4) (if provided) with a damp cloth
and a little mild washing up liquid.
Rinse thoroughly before filling the
tank and putting it back in the appli-
2. Remove the filter (if present) and
rinse with running water;
3. Replace the filter (if provided), fill the
tank with fresh water and replace the
4. (Models with water softener filter
only) Deliver about 100ml of hot
water to reactivate the filter.
1. Clean the coffee spouts (A7) regu-
larly with a sponge or cloth;
2. Check that the holes in the coffee
spouts are not blocked. If necessary,
remove coffee deposits with a tooth-



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