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Cleaning - Electrolux ESP4SL10SP User Manual

Automatic coffee maker
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user-preferred parameters)
Important: Note that, "Save as Favourite"
does not overwrite the current recipe,
use Options /Keep Changes to change
the current recipe default values.
By selecting Save as Favourite on the
1. The screen shows a popup with
instruction. It is possible to Cancel
by pressing the rotary and selecting
2. The control panel shows and blink
the 3 icons
3. Start icon is Off.
By selecting one position:
1. The screens shows the saved recipe
renamed with the prefix "My".
2. The selected position icon turns
On. Any other favourites that have


Guide leaflet
10.1 Cleaning the machine
The following parts of the machine must
be cleaned regularly:
• the appliance's internal circuit;
• coffee ground container (A1);
• drip tray (A8);
• water tank (A6);
• coffee spouts (A7);
• pre-ground coffee funnel (A11);
• brewing unit (A2), accessible after
opening the brewing unit door;
• milk container (B8);
• hot water/steam connection nozzle
• control panel.
Do not use solvents, abrasive
detergents or alcohol to clean the
coffee machine. You need not use
chemical products to clean the
Please refer to the Quick
already been saved also light up.
3. The Start icon turns On.
The user can overwrite a favourite by
selecting a point where a favourite is
already saved. In this case, a popup win-
dow will appear to confirm the action.
In this case:
• The selected favourite position will
start to flash
• The other 2 icons will turn off
By selecting "NO", the screen backs to
the previous screen - see Options: Save
as Favourite - Saving
By selecting "YES", the screen goes to
Quickset - see Options: Save as Favour-
ite - Saving
To cancel, select "Menu" /"Basic Set-
tings", /"Service"/"Reset favourite".
None of the components of the
appliance can be washed in a
dishwasher with the exception of
the milk container (B8).
Do not use metal objects to
remove encrustations or coffee
deposits as they could scratch
metal or plastic surfaces.
10.2 Cleaning the machine's
internal circuit
If the appliance is not used for more
than 3/4 days, before using it again, we
strongly recommend switching it on and:
1. performing 2-3 rinse cycles by select-
ing the "Rinse" function.
2. Delivering hot water for a few sec-
After cleaning, it is normal for the
ground container (A1) to contain



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