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Daily Use - Electrolux ESP4SL10SP User Manual

Automatic coffee maker
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goes off automatically.
The coffee machine is now ready for
normal use.
The first time you use the appli-
ance, you need to make 4-5 cap-
puccinos before it starts to give
satisfactory results.
The first time you use the ma-
chine, the water circuit is empty
and the appliance could be very
noisy. The noise becomes less as
the circuit fills.


Each time the appliance is turned on,
it performs an automatic preheat and
rinse cycle which cannot be interrupted.
The appliance is ready for use only after
completion of this cycle.
During rinsing, a little hot water
flows from the coffee spouts (A7).
Avoid contact with splashes of
The machine turns off automatically after
a preset Time (see Menu). In case you
want to turn off before press the ON/OFF
stand-by button (A4) (Fig 7 Quick Guide)
The message "TURNING OFF" is
displayed, then (if applicable) the appli-
ance performs a rinse cycle and goes off
If you will not be using the appli-
ance for some time, first empty the
water circuit, then unplug from the
mains socket as follows:
first turn the appliance off by
pressing the ON/OFF stand-by
button (A4);
release the main switch (A10) at
the side of the appliance.
Never press the main switch (fig.
1) while the appliance is on.
When making the first 5-6 cap-
puccinos, it is normal to hear the
noise of boiling water. After this,
the noise becomes less.
To improve the performance of
your appliance, we recommend
installing a water softener filter
(B4) as described in section "Wa-
ter softener filter". If your model
is not provided with a filter, you
can request one from Customer
6.1 Rinsing
Use this function to clean the coffee
spouts (A7), to clean and heat the appli-
ance's internal circuit. Place a container
with a minimum capacity of 100 ml under
the coffee spouts.
Do not leave the appliance unat-
tended while hot water is being
If the appliance is not used
for more than 3-4 days, when
switched on again, we strongly
recommend performing 2/3 rinses
before use;
After cleaning, it is normal for the
ground container (A1) to contain
6.2 Auto Start
You can set the auto-start time in order
to have the appliance ready at a certain
time (for example in the morning) so you
can make coffee immediately.
To enable this function, the time
must already be set correctly.
When the appliance is turned off
using the main switch (A10), the
auto-start setting (if enabled) is



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