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Basic Operations; Display Configuration - Yamaha PSR-SX900 Owner's Manual

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Basic Operations

Display Configuration

This section covers the most often used displays: Home, File Selection and Menu. The Home display appears when the
power is turned on. The term "File Selection display" refers to all the various displays called up on the instrument from
which you can select files. The Menu display is a portal display for various functions and can be called up by pressing the
[MENU] button.
Home Display
Appears when the power is turned on. This display shows the current basic settings such as the current Voice and Style,
allowing you to see them at a single glance. Because of this, you should normally have the Home display shown when you
perform on the keyboard.
q Voice area
Indicates the current Voices for each of the keyboard parts (Left and Right 1–3) and the on/off status of
the four parts. Touching a Voice name calls up the Voice Selection display for the corresponding part.
w Song area
Indicates information related to Song playback/recording.
The information on Song playback is displayed depending on the Song playback mode (page 67).
Touching the file name calls up the relevant selection display.
When in recording, the recording status is displayed. Touching the recording status calls up the record-
ing display.
e Style area
Indicates information for the current Style, such as the current position of the section playback, the cur-
rent chord name, and the time signature. Touching a Style name calls up the Style Selection display.
When the [ACMP] button is set to on, the chord specified in the chord section of the keyboard will be
r Multi Pad area
Indicates the current Multi Pad Bank. Touching a Multi Pad Bank name calls up the Multi Pad Bank
Selection display.
PSR-SX900/SX700 Owner's Manual

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