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Parts And Controls - Sony Walkman NWZ-S515 Quick Start Manual

Sony operating instructions walkman series
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Parts and Controls

BACK/HOME button*
Press to go up one list screen level, or to
return to the previous menu. Press and hold
the BACK/HOME button to display the
Home menu.
5-way button
Press the  button to start playback.
Press the  button to confirm after
selecting an item with the /// button.
The 5-way button performs different
functions, depending on the displayed
screens. For details, refer to the "Player
Controls and Their Screens" of the
Operation Guide (PDF file).
 (play/pause/
confirm) button*
/ buttons
/ buttons
RESET button
Resets the player when you press the RESET
button with a small pin, etc.
WM-PORT jack
Use this jack to connect the supplied USB
cable, or optional peripheral devices, such
as supported accessories for the WM-PORT.
Headphone jack
For connecting the headphones. Insert the
jack pin until it clicks into place. If the
headphones are not connected properly, the
sound may be affected.
Strap hole
This is used to attach a strap (sold separately).
HOLD switch
You can protect the player against accidental
operation by using the HOLD switch when
carrying it. By sliding the HOLD switch in
the direction of the arrow, all operation
buttons are disabled. If you slide the HOLD
switch to the opposite position, the HOLD
function is released.
The display may vary, depending on
functions. For details, refer to the Operation
Guide (PDF file).
VOL +*
/– button
Adjusts the volume.
Displays the Option menu. If you press and
hold the OPTION/PWR OFF button, the
screen turns off and the player enters the
standby mode. If the standby mode is
retained for about a day, the player turns off
completely automatically (  page 8).
Functions marked with
on the
player are activated if you press and hold
the corresponding buttons.
There are tactile dots. Use them to help
with button operations.


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