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Clearing the latched data
(a) To clear the latched data to the initial value, "latch clear" is per-
formed. "latch clear" also clears unlatched device data, as men-
tioned below.
After the latch clear operation, the data in the each device is set to
the following:
1) Y, MIllS, F, B
Turned off
2) Special relays
Data is retained
3) T, C
Contacts and coils are turned off; present value is set to O•
4) 0, Z, V, W, A
Data is set to zero.
5) R
Data is retained.
6) Special registers
Data is retained.
(b) latched data can be cleared in either of the following two methods.
1) Using the RUN switch
QTurn the RUN switch from the STOP position to the L.ClR
position three times.
iQ The RUN lED starts flashing. This indicates that the latched
data is ready to be cleared.
iiQ Turn the RUN switch from the STOP position to the L.ClR
position while the RUN lED is flashing; the latched data is
To cancel the data latch clear operation, turn the RUN switch to the RUN
or RESET position while the latch clear operation is being attempted.
(1) RUN position
The A2CCPU starts operation in the same manner as when the RUN
switch is placed in the RUN position from the STOP position.
(2) RESET position: The A2CCPU is reset.
2) Using GPP/PHP/HGP
"All DEVICE CLEAR" of the test functions in the PC mode can
be used for latch clear. (For details, read the GPP/PHP/HGP
Operating Manual.)


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