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The system disk of current version is used for use with the A2C.
CPU type
When the A6PU/A7PU is connected, the CPU type is set as "A2'.
Program capacity
The A2C has 8K steps of capacity for sequence programs and
microcomputer programs.
By parameter setting, program capacity less than 8K steps should be
Number of I/O points
The A2C has 512 input and output points from X/yO to XIY1FF.
Interrupt programs and interrupt counters are unusable.
On the A2C, interrupt programs (I to IREn cannot be executed.
Unusable devices
Since the A2C does not execute interrupt programs, I (interrupt pointer)
is not usable.
Do not set interrupt counters using parameters. Counters set for inter-
rupt counters cannot execute count processing with main routine
programs and subroutine programs.
Unusable instructions
The following instructions are not usable on the A2C.
(a) PR (ASCII print instruction)
(b) EI/DI (Interrupt program allow/disallow)
(c) IRET (Interrupt program return)
Remote terminal setting
Remote terminal setting of the A2C is executed with the initial program
of the sequence program. (See Section 4.2.9 for details of the initial
Connection to the A2C
The A6PU/A7PU can be connected to the A2C only by the hand held
system. (The add-on system cannot be used.)


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