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Security Instructions - Haier BYLX9-A2147 Operation Manual

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Security Instructions

Personal Computer is precision electrical equipment, incorrect power connec-
tion method and placement have potential damage. Refer to the following
items to properly connect and place the computer.
Good grounding can effectively reduce the influence of static
electricity generated on the metal plate of the chassis on the internal
components of the fuselage.
In order to ensure stable supply voltage, do not share the same
power supply with high-power electrical appliances.
If you use a wiring board, please note that the load of the connection
should not exceed the power limit of the wiring board.
Do not place computers and other external devices on unstable
tables, chairs or platforms, in order to avoid serious injury caused by
falling of computers and external devices.
Many parts inside the computer belong to precision instruments.
When moving the computer, the normal posture of the machine or
parts should be maintained so as to avoid damage. Do not move the
computer in the boot state in order to avoid damage to hard disk,
CD-ROM and other equipment.
Avoid spilling liquid on the machine. If this happens, cut off the power
The system starrts by turning on the power supply of the external
equipment first, and then turning on the power switch of the min
engine. In the boot state, do not plug in the connection wires of
keyboard, mouse, printer, display and other peripherals to the
computer at will.
Make sure that the computer is away from heat source, electrical and
magnetic radiation sources. Ensure good heat dissipation of



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