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Troubleshooting - Haier BYLX9-A2147 Operation Manual



1. Fault Prevention and Troubleshooting
(1) Do not make the LCD face the sun. This may damage the LCD.
(2) Using a computer at low temperatures can cause residual
effects on the screen, which is not a fault.When the computer
returns to normal temperature, the screen will return to normal.
Use of
(3) If the same image is displayed for a long time, residual effects
may appear on the screen and disappear soon after, and you can
use the screen saver to prevent residual effects.
(4) Do not rub the LCD screen. This may damage the screen. Use
a soft, dry cloth to clean the LCD screen.
(1) Use a soft cloth with a dry or mild detergent solution to clean
the case. Do not use any type of abrasive, scrub powder, alcohol
or gasoline, which may damage the surface of the computer.
Operate a
(2) The computer USES high-frequency radio signals which may
interfere with the reception of radio or television. When this
happens, please move the computer to a place where the
equipment is located.
(3) Use only the specified peripheral and interface cables, or
problems may occur.
(1) Do not touch the surface of the disc.
(2) If the disc is very dirty, please moisten the soft cloth with
water, water wring dry, and then wipe the surface of the disc from
the center to the outside with a cloth, dry the remaining water
Use the CD
with a dry cloth.
(3) Do not paste adhesive on the disc, it will cause irreparable
impact on the use of the disc, do not make the disc fall or bend.
(1) To avoid losing data when your computer is damaged, back up
your data regularly.
(2) Do not turn off the power or restart the computer while it is
Use the
reading or writing data to the hard disk.
Hard Disk
(3) Keep computers away from magnets.
(4) Do not move the computer while the power is on.
2. Fault description
Matters Need
Where are the
computer instruc-
After pressing the
power switch of the
host computer, there
is no response. How
to deal with it?
Is there any trouble
with the bright (or
dark) spots on the
Why does hard disk
often have click click
sound, whether to
exist malfunctioning?
After computer shuts
down, mouse and
clavier still can shine,
what is the reason?
The CD cannot be
read by the CD drive.
How do I operate it?
Why the mouse is not
sensitive when
moving, sometimes
Depending on the configuration you purchase, the product
instructions may be installed on the machine hard disk or drive
CD-ROM, depending on the actual configuration of the purchase.
(1) Ensure that the power outlet is energized.
(2) Please make sure that the mainframe power cord is in good
contact with the power outlet.
(3) Press the "power" key of the host again.
At present, the industry standard bright spot is less than 3 and the
total dark spot is less than 5, which is normal in this range. Ths
bright spot will not expand, nor will it affect product life.
When the hard disk drives are read and written, there will be some
slight click-like sounds in the process of head positioning, which is a
normal phenomenon.
If there is an obvious abnormal sound, you can contact Haier
after-sales technical support staff to confirm whether it is a hard
disk problem.
When the machine with the function of keyboard, mouse startup or
dormancy wake-up is shut down or the mainframe is plugged into
the power cord, the power supply to keyboard and mouse is
defaulted on the motherboard. You can cut off the power supply of
the host to completely shut down the keyboard and mouse.
(1) To test the readability of other discs, do not put DVD discs in CD
drives. If only one or two discs can not be read, it is a problem of the
discs itself.
(2) Check whether the CD-ROM indicator is flashing. If it mot
flashing, it may be that the internal power cord has fallen off or the
CD-ROM has been damaged.
(1)It's recommended to place the mouse flat on a flat mouse pad.
(2)It's recommended to unplug the mouse or restart the computer.



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