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Mounting/Dismounting Electronic Modules - Honeywell CENTRA LINE LION CLLIONLC01 Installation & Commissioning Instructions

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Mounting/Dismounting Modules
Dismounting Sockets
Disconnecting Sockets
Release all bridge connectors before removing the controller
module and/or the terminal sockets and/or mixed I/O
modules from the DIN rail.
Press down at the same time both the gray side wings
next to the red button and then pull the bridge connector
out of the module.
Fig. 19
Releasing bridge connectors
Dismounting Controller / Terminal Sockets / Mixed I/O
Insert a screwdriver into the latch on the underside of the
module and lever the red latch 2–3 mm downwards. The
module can then be swung away from the rail.
Fig. 20 Releasing latch
EN1Z-0921GE51 R0709

Mounting/Dismounting Electronic Modules

Mounting Electronic Modules
Electronic modules can be removed from the socket or
inserted into the sockets without switching off the power
supply. The behavior of connected field devices must be
taken into consideration.
Make sure that terminal socket und electronic I/O module
match; see Table 4 on page 6.
Make sure that the red locking mechanism is in the open,
i.e., left, position.
Gently push the electronic module onto the terminal
socket until snug.
Fig. 21
Inserting the electronic module
Lock the red locking mechanism by sliding it to the right.
Fig. 22
Locking the electronic module
The red locking mechanism will not close if the electronic
module is not properly mounted.
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