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Fusing Specifications; System Protective Earth Grounding; Lightning Protection; Panel Bus Topologies - Honeywell CENTRA LINE LION CLLIONLC01 Installation & Commissioning Instructions

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LION System
CentraLine 1450 Series (North America)
• 50/60 Hz
• Insulated accessory outputs
• Built-in fuses
• Line transient /surge protection
• AC convenience outlet
• NEC Class-2
Part number
Primary side
1450 7287
120 VAC
120 VAC
120 VAC
240/220 VAC
240/220 VAC
240/220 VAC
Table 12 CentraLine 1450 series transformers data
Standard Transformers (Europe, North America)
Standard commercially available transformers used to
supply power to LION Systems must fulfill the following
Output voltage
24.5 VAC to 25.5 VAC
24.5 VAC to 25.5 VAC
24.5 VAC to 25.5 VAC
Table 13 Requirements for standard transformers
RIN-APU24 Uninterruptable Power Supply
The RIN-APU24 Uninterruptable Power Supply can be wired
to power LION Systems.
See also RIN-APU24 Uninterruptable Power Supply –
Mounting Instructions (MU1B-0258GE51) for detailed wiring
Secondary side
24 VAC, 50 VA
2 x 24 VAC, 40 VA,
and 100 VA from separate
24 VAC, 100 VA,
and 24 VDC; 600 mA
24 VAC, 50 VA
2 x 24 VAC, 40 VA,
and 100 VA from separate
24 VAC, 100 VA, and
24 VDC, 600 mA
AC current
≤ 1.15 Ω
max. 2 A
≤ 0.40 Ω
max. 6 A
≤ 0.17 Ω
max. 12 A
Power Supply of Field Devices
Depending upon the power consumption of the field devices
used, it is possible to use either a single transformer to
power both the CLLIONLC01 and attached field devices, or
it may be necessary to employ an additional transformer.
See also section "Field Device Cables" on page 14 and
connection examples on page 30.

Fusing Specifications

For connection examples see description of the I/O modules
on page 40 and following.
F1 (Fusing for CLLIONLC01 and I/O Modules))
For example:
F2 (Fusing for Active Field Devices)
Depends upon loads in use.

System Protective Earth Grounding

LION Systems comply with SELV (Safety Extra-Low
Voltage). Earth grounding is therefore not recommended.
However, if compliance with EN60204-1 is required, see
Appendix 1.

Lightning Protection

Please contact your local CentraLine representative for
information on lightning protection.

Panel Bus Topologies

• Up to 16 Panel Bus I/O modules can be controlled by a
single CLLIONLC01.
• Panel Bus I/O modules must be addressed using the
HEX switch on the terminal socket.
• Maximum distance between controller and Panel Bus
I/O module: 40 m.
• No bus termination
• Polarity-insensitive
4 A, time-lag fuse (slo-blo)
EN1Z-0921GE51 R0709



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