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Fujitsu M255XK Customer Engineering Manual page 61

5 1/4" mini-flexible disk drive


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15. Temporarily fasten the screws that hold the steel band in the pulley section of
the stepping motor.
16. After moving the head carriage manually several times, carefully tighten the
steel band fastening screws to the specified torque.
The band must be
tensioned so that it is perfectly straight.
Be careful not to scratch the
surface of the band or pulley.
17. Refer to Figure 4-24.
Carefully route the head cable and install the Main
Circuit card and its shield plate
lB. Move the head carriage between the innermost track and Track 00 to ensure
that the steel band stays straight and that there is no abnormal noise.
19. Inspect head contact (paragraph 4.4.6).
20. . Inspect asymmetry (paragraph 4.4.7).
21. Adjust track alignment (paragraph 4.4.10).
22. Adjust Track 00 sensor (paragraph 4.4.11).
23. Adjust Index Burst Timing (paragraph 4.4.12).
24. Check Read Level (paragraph 4.4.B).
25. Check Read Resolution (paragraph 4.4.9).
26. Install the shield cover (see step 1).
27. Connect the Disk Drive to the user's system and perform an overall test.
Figure 4-24A Head Cable Routing
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents