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Fujitsu M255XK Customer Engineering Manual page 46

5 1/4" mini-flexible disk drive


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4.4.6 Head Contact Inspection and Adjustment (Continued)
10. If the results of steps 4 through 9 are not satisfactory, the following items
are probable causes:
(a) Faulty Diskette
If the diskette or its jacket is bent or damaged, replace it with a new one
and retry the test.
(b) Faulty Head Pressure
The movable flat spring that rides on the white part of the Read/Write
head may need adjustment (refer to paragraph 4.4.2).
Refer to paragraph 4.5.1, if the head carriage is defective and must be
(c) Deformation of the Diskette
Deformation, or bending, of the diskette is checked by removing the
diskette, then slowly opening and closing the Front Lever while visually
checking the Read/Write heads to be sure the surfaces are parallel.
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Figure 4-7 Head Contact Inspection


Table of Contents

Table of Contents