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In Case Of Difficulty - Kenwood HM-982RW Instruction Manual

Sony instruction manual micro hi-fi component system hm-982rw
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In case of difficulty

What seems to be a malfunction is not always so. Before calling for service, check the following table
according to the symptom of your trouble.
Operation to reset
The microcomputer may fall into malfunction (impos-
sibility to operate, erroneous display, etc.) when the
power cord is unplugged while unit is ON or due to
an external factor. In this case, execute the following
procedure to reset the microcomputer and return it
to normal condition.
÷ Please note that resetting the microcomputer clears
the contents stored in and it returns to condition when
it left the factory.
Amplifier section/Speakers
Sound is not produced.
The STANDBY/TIMER indicator blinks in red and no
sound is put out.
The STANDBY/TIMER indicator blinks in green.
No sound from the headphones.
Sound is not produced from the left or right speakers.
The clock display blinks without changing the figures.
Timer operation is not possible.
Tuner section
Radio stations cannot be received.
Noise interferes.
A station has been preset but it cannot be received by
pressing the 4,¢ key.
Remote control unit
Remote control operation is not possible.
Unplug the power cord from the power outlet then,
while holding the MENU key depressed, plug the
power cord again.
÷ Connect properly referring to "System connection".
÷ Adjust to an required volume.
÷ Switch MUTE OFF.
÷ Unplug the headphone plug.
÷ A speaker cord is short-circuited. Turn power off and re-connect
the speaker cord.
÷ Adjust the present time again.
÷ Insert correctly.
÷ Connect properly referring to "System connection".
÷ Adjust the optimum left and right balance.
÷ Adjust the present time again.
÷ Adjust the present time referring to "Clock adjustment".
÷ Set properly the timer ON time and OFF time.
÷ Press the TIMER key to set up the execution.
÷ Connect antennas.
÷ Select a band.
÷ Tune to the frequency of the desired station.
÷ Install the outdoor antenna in an apart position from the road.
÷ Switch the suspected electric appliance OFF.
÷ Install the TV or the system at an increased distance between
÷ Preset stations with tunable frequencies.
÷ Replace with new batteries.
÷ Operate the unit inside the remote controllable range.
In case of difficulty


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