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One-Touch Edit Recording (O.t.e.) (Cd = Tape) - Kenwood HM-982RW Instruction Manual

Sony instruction manual micro hi-fi component system hm-982rw
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One-touch edit recording
Records all tracks in a CD with a simple operation. (All-track recording)
Records a single CD track being played from the beginning. (Single-track recording)
Do not use a cassette tape with more than 90-minute recording time, for the tape used with such a cassette is very
thin and tends to cause troubles such as entanglement around the pinch roller or cutting of tape.
Be sure to put the cassette deck in stop mode.
Make the preparations for recording.
1 Perform steps 1~3 of the procedure in "Recording
on TAPE".
2 Load the recording source disc in the CD player.
Check the current play mode of the CD player.
All track recording
If it is in play mode, stop it.
Start recording.
To interrupt a recording
Press the 7 (stop) key on the main unit or 7 STOP
key on the remote. (This stops both recording and
Convenient recording of CD player output
This system can record signals on Normal (TYPE ) and
High (TYPE ) position tapes. Remember that the Metal
) tapes cannot be used with this system.
Single-track recording
Select the desired CD track and play it.
= = TAPE key is pressed in the middle
= =
÷ Even when the O.T.E. CD=
of a track, recording will start from the beginning of the track.
÷ When either the playback or recording operation stops, the
other operation also stops.
÷ When you are operating the main unit, select "O.T.E. Mode"
in the menu mode then select "CD=
SET key to start recording.
÷ When recording completes, the tape stops after leaving a no-
sound blank of about 4 seconds.
= = TAPE" and press the
= =


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