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Kenwood HM-982RW Instruction Manual page 61

Sony instruction manual micro hi-fi component system hm-982rw
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Start recording.
To interrupt a recording
Press the 7 (stop) key on the main unit or 7 STOP
key on the remote. (This stops both recording and
Convenient recording of CD player output
÷ When either the CD playback or CDR recording operation
stops, the other operation also stops.
÷ When you are operating the main unit, select "O.T.E. Mode"
in the menu mode, then select "CD=
press the SET key to start recording.
÷ "CDR Writing" is displayed when recording completes.
÷ With certain discs, digital-to-digital recording may be prohib-
ited by SCMS (A). Such a disc should be recorded using
the analog output signal.
Display "CDR Writing" indicates that recorded data is
being written in the CD-R/RW. Do not apply vibra-
tions or impact during recording and "CDR Writing"
If the power cord is unplugged from the power outlet
or a power failure occurs during recording, the disc
data may be destroyed and the disc may become
During digital-to-digital recording, the CD recorder
may encounter a track with which digital-to-digital
recording is prohibited. In this case, "SCMS"(A) is
displayed and recording pauses temporarily, but play-
back of the source continues and recording restarts
whenever a track with which digital-to-digital record-
ing is permitted is encountered. However, if "SCMS"
is displayed with the first track to be recorded, the
track as well as the subsequent tracks will not be
To finalize the recorded CD-R/RW
= = CDR <Norm>" and
= =



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