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Kenwood HM-982RW Instruction Manual page 57

Sony instruction manual micro hi-fi component system hm-982rw
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During digital-to-digital recording, the CD recorder
may encounter a track with which digital-to-digital
recording is prohibited. In this case, "SCMS"(A) is
displayed and recording pauses temporarily, but play-
back of the source continues and recording restarts
whenever a track with which digital-to-digital record-
ing is permitted is encountered. However, if "SCMS"
is displayed with the first track to be recorded, the
track as well as the subsequent tracks will not be
To interrupt a recording
Press the 7 (stop) key on the main unit or 7 STOP
key on the remote. (This stops both recording and
Convenient recording of CD player output
÷ "CDR Writing" is displayed when recording completes.
Display "CDR Writing" indicates that recorded data is
being written in the CD-R/RW. Do not apply vibra-
tions or impact during recording and "CDR Writing"
If the power cord is unplugged from the power outlet
or a power failure occurs during recording, the disc
data may be destroyed and the disc may become
High-speed recording of a disc containing a certain
track may not be able to be started within 74 min-
utes after the specific track was recorded at the High
speed. In this case, the time until the high-speed
recording will become ready is displayed.
W a i t
7 4 m i n .
If you want to record the disc immediately, use the
normal-speed recording.
This system judges whether high-speed re-
cording of each track within 74 minutes af-
ter its previous high-speed recording is per-
mitted or not based on the specific data re-
corded for each track (ISRC: International
Standard Recording Code).
To finalize the recorded CD-R/RW



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