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Kenwood HM-982RW Instruction Manual page 44

Sony instruction manual micro hi-fi component system hm-982rw
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Selecting the track number marking method (T.Mark)
The track numbers are used in playback for locating the beginning of a song, programming, etc.
1 Press the MENU key.
2 Press a MULTI CONTROL keys to select "T. Mark
?" and press the SET key.
3 Press a MULTI CONTROL keys to select "Auto" or
"Manual" and press the SET key.
When "Auto" is selected:
When the input source is "CD", the setting is
When the input source is "TAPE", "TUNER" or
"AUX", go to step 3.
When "Manual" is selected, the setting is complete.
Use this mode in usual recording.
In recording from CD :
The track number data recorded in the disc is also converted into analog signal so the track numbers are marked
automatically at the same positions as the source CD based on the converted signal.
In recording from TAPE, TUNER or AUX:
Track numbers are automatically incremented by "1" every time the input signal drops below a certain level (which
can be adjusted with "Cut Lv." in step 3) for more than 2 seconds and rises above the level again.
Note that, in recording from "TUNER", the track number may not be incremented correctly if the input signal does
not drop below the level due to noise, etc. Also note that, when the input level continues to be lower than the certain
level for more than 2 seconds in a pianissimo sections of classic music, etc., the track number may erroneously be
If the above occurs, use "Manual" for recording or adjust the detection threshold level with "Cut Lv.".
Track numbers are not incremented automatically during recording, but they can be marked by the user (by pressing the
SET key on the main unit*). This mode is convenient in recording of live performance or music containing long pianis-
simo sections.
* Due to the restriction by the CD standard, the track number cannot be marked to a track shorter than 4 seconds in CD-R/RW discs.
Changing the recording input setting
T . M a r k
A u t o
"Auto" ............ Track numbers are marked automati-
cally during recording. (Default)
"Manual" ....... Track numbers are marked manually
during recording.
Recording on TAPE



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