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Kenwood HM-982RW Instruction Manual page 37

Sony instruction manual micro hi-fi component system hm-982rw
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When CD has been selected.
OPC (Optimum Power Control)
When a non-used disc or unfinalized disc is loaded in the CD recorder, the CD-R IN indicator may blink for a while. This indicates that the
OPC processing is being executed.
The OPC processing performs test writing in the disc in order to calculate the optimum laser irradiation intensity and time for the disc.
With this system, the CD recorder stores the discs subjected to OPC processing so that, when one of such discs is loaded, it can record
signals on it without OPC processing. The CD recorder stores the history of OPC processing of up to 24 discs. As a result, if the number
of processed discs exceed 24, the CD recorder may apply OPC processing to a disc which has been subjected to it. If the power cord is
unplugged from the power outlet or a power failure occurs during OPC processing, the disc data may be destroyed and the disc may become
When the "CDR" input is selected, "OPC" is displayed (for up to 2 minutes) during OPC processing.
2. Select the source to be recorded.
TUNER (Broadcasts) : Press the TUNER/BAND key
AUX (Auxiliary analog source)
D-AUX (Auxiliary digital source)
÷ When CD 6, TAPE 23 is pressed, playback
will start when a disc or tape already has been
inserted. Press the 7 STOP key to stop it.
÷ Digital signal recording is not available unless the
selected source is "CD" or "D-AUX". Note that,
even with these sources, digital signal recording
may be prohibited by the SCMS.
÷ If "Unlock" is displayed when the "D-AUX"
source is selected, please see "Displayed mes-
sage list".
3. Make the preparations for recording.
TUNER (Broadcasts)
AUX (Auxiliary analog source)
D-AUX (Auxiliary digital source)
÷ The setting of the recording input can be changed as desired. See "Changing the
recording input setting".
÷ The input level can be varied only when the "AUX" (auxiliary analog source) input
is selected. Adjust the input level from the auxiliary source as required if it is too
small or too large. (AUX Input, Rec Gain)
When recording audio from a tape to CD-R/RW, track numbers may not
be marked correctly depending on the recording condition of the tape.
"Changing the recording input setting".
: Press the CD 6 key
: Press the TAPE 23 key
: Press the AUX/D-AUX key repeatedly until "AUX"
is displayed.
: Press the AUX/D-AUX key repeatedly until "D-
AUX" is displayed.
: Select a station
: Enter pause mode at the beginning of the
track to be recorded.
: Enter stop mode at the beginning of the track
to be recorded.
: Make preparation for tuning or playback.f
: Make preparation for tuning or playback.f
Recording on CD-R/RW
0 1
0 : 0 0
The selected recording
source is displayed.
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