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Sony Vaio LocationFree LF-V30 Operating Instructions Manual page 31

Locationfree base station
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- The intruder's LocationFree
be registered in the Base Station settings, allowing
the intruder to control and view the contents of
any video devices connected to the Base Station
(such as video and DVD players).
*1 For details on your router's security functions,
contact the manufacturer of your router.
*2 Changing the password does not guarantee that an
intruder cannot log in.
*3 Sony Corporation assumes no liability for any such
damages arising from the customer's actions. The
customer assumes personal responsibility for
making these settings.
client devices may
Changing the Password
You can change the password needed to log into
the Base Station's web page.
If you forget the new password, the Base Station will
need to be initialized (1 page 34) before you can log
1 Enter the new password here.
2 Click this to save changes.


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