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What Is The Wireless Mode; Wireless Access Point - Sony Vaio LocationFree LF-V30 Operating Instructions Manual

Locationfree base station
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What is the
Wireless Mode
The wireless communication function of the Base
Station LF-V30 works in one of the two wireless
modes; Access Point mode or Client mode. You
can change the mode with the WLAN switch on
the rear panel of the LF-V30 (1 page 8).
Access Point mode
When you want to use the LF-V30 as a wireless
access point and connect your LocationFree
client devices to the LF-V30 directly, or when
you want to connect your LF-V30 to your router
with a LAN cable, set the wireless mode to the
Access Point mode.
Client mode
If you want to position your LF-V30 at a distance
from your router and cannot connect a LAN cable
between them, set the wireless mode to the Client
mode. You can position your LF-V30 anywhere
within the signal range of your wireless router. In
this case, you cannot use your LF-V30 as a

wireless access point.

For the following device or software users;
- Desktop PC (with no wireless function)
- Windows
You need to connect your LF-V30 to your
wireless router with a LAN cable temporarily
before you set the wireless settings of your LF-
V30 by using a computer installed with the
Wireless Access
You can use the Base Station as a wireless access
point to connect your wireless device to the
Internet via the Base Station.
To use the Base Station as a wireless access point for
computers, the computers must be equipped with
integrated wireless LAN functions or wireless LAN
cards that conform to the IEEE802.11a/b/g standards.
• Not all wireless LAN devices are guaranteed to
connect to the Base Station.
• You can connect a maximum of 16 wireless LAN
devices by using the Base Station as a wireless
access point. In some cases, however, the number of
connecting devices may cause the communication
speed to decrease. For example, you may not be able
to send or receive video smoothly if other wireless
LAN devices connect and communicate with the
Base Station.


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