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Remote Operation - Mitsubishi Electric RD78G4 User Manual

Motion module.
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Remote Operation

This function executes remote operations (such as RUN, STOP, and RESET operations) to the station selected on the "CC-
Link IE TSN/CC-Link IE Field Diagnostics" window, from the engineering tool. (Remote operation for slave stations is
available only for RESET)
The displayed window varies depending on the station selected. For the operations with a module other than the Motion
module selected, refer to the manual for the module used.
To perform remote operations, follow the steps below.
*1 To perform remote RESET, set "Remote Reset Setting" under "Operation Related Setting" of "CPU Parameter" to "Enable" in advance.
For details on the remote operations, refer to the user's manual for the CPU module used.
Select the module where the remote operations are
performed in the "CC-Link IE TSN/CC-Link IE Field
Diagnostics" window.
Click the [Remote Operation] button in the "CC-Link IE
TSN/CC-Link IE Field Diagnostics" window, or right-click a
module icon in the "Network Status" and click [Remote
The "Remote Operation" window is displayed.
Specify the target station in "Specify Execution Target".
• "Currently Specified Station": The remote operations are
performed only to the CPU module on the station selected in
the CC-Link IE TSN/CC-Link IE Field diagnostics.
• "All Stations Specified": Remote operations are performed on
all stations under "Specify Target Network No.".
• "Specify Group No.": Among the stations for which a transient
transmission group No. has been set, remote operations are
performed only on the stations that are selected in "Specify
Group No.".
Select a remote operation (RUN, STOP, PAUSE, or
RESET) to be performed in "Operation".
Click the [Execute] button to perform the remote operation.
* 1
3.3 Checking the Network Status


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