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Installation And Setup; Installation And Setup Overview; Selecting A Location For The Printer; Connecting The Printer - Xerox B1025 User Manual

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Table of Contents

Installation and Setup

Refer to:
• Installation Guide packaged with your printer.
• System Administrator Guide at
I I n n s s t t a a l l l l a a t t i i o o n n a a n n d d S S e e t t u u p p O O v v e e r r v v i i e e w w
Before printing:
• Ensure that your computer and the printer are plugged in, powered on, and connected.
• Configure the initial settings of the printer.
• On your computer, install the driver software and utilities.
You can connect to your printer directly from your computer using a USB device, or connect to a
network using an Ethernet cable or wireless connection. Hardware and cabling requirements vary for
the different connection methods. Routers, network hubs, network switches, modems, Ethernet cables,
and USB cables are not included with your printer and must be purchased separately. Xerox
recommends an Ethernet connection because, typically, it is faster than a USB connection, and it
provides access to Xerox
If the Software and Documentation disc is not available, download the latest drivers at
S S e e l l e e c c t t i i n n g g a a L L o o c c a a t t i i o o n n f f o o r r t t h h e e P P r r i i n n t t e e r r
• Select a dust-free area with temperatures from 10–30° C (50–86° F), and a relative humidity of
Sudden temperature fluctuations can affect print quality. Rapid heating of a
cold room can cause condensation inside the printer, and can interfere with image
• Place the printer on a level, solid, non-vibrating surface with adequate strength for the weight of
the printer. The printer must be horizontal with all four feet in solid contact with the surface. To
find the weight for your printer configuration, refer to
• Select a location with adequate clearance to access supplies and to provide proper ventilation. To
find the clearance requirements for your printer, refer to
• After positioning the printer, you are ready to connect it to the power source and computer or
C C o o n n n n e e c c t t i i n n g g t t h h e e P P r r i i n n t t e e r r
S S e e l l e e c c t t i i n n g g a a C C o o n n n n e e c c t t i i o o n n M M e e t t h h o o d d
The printer can be connected to your computer using a USB cable or an Ethernet cable. The method
you select depends on how your computer is connected to the network. A USB connection is a direct
connection and is the easiest to set up. An Ethernet connection is used for networking. If you are
Internet Services.
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Table of Contents

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