Introduction; Overview; Product Features - Toshiba SV-1000 User Manual

Video borescope system
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The SV-1000 is a revolutionary chip-on-tip video camera that delivers an excellent solution for various inspection applications.
The 1.6 mm diameter camera system includes the ultra-small CMOS sensor with 400 x 400 pixel resolution, 120-degree FOV
lens, and integrated LED light for illumination within a 1.9m flexible shaft. The incredibly small diameter sensor assembly
connects to a separate camera/LED controller.

Product Features

19. Small size – only 1.6mm diameter O.D.
20. 400 x 400 pixel resolution
21. 120 degree FOV lens
22. Integrated LED light for illumination within a 1.9m flexible shaft
23. Water resistant SV-1H01N scope IPX7 and SV-1D01N CCU IPX4
24. Dual, simultaneous image outputs - HDMI and USB 3.0
25. Modular system with separate camera head/scope and CCU


Table of Contents

Table of Contents