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Trouble Symptoms And Remedies - Sony KE-32TS2U, KE-42T2U Operating Instructions Manual

Sony flat panel color tv operating instructions ke-32ts2u ke-42ts2u.
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Trouble symptoms and remedies

No picture.
Cannot receive any channels.
Cannot receive certain
The TV turns off
(The TV enters the standby
Some video sources do not
"No Sync" appears, or the
lights up in red.
Poor picture.
Double images or ghosts.
Only snow and noise appear
on the screen.
Dotted lines or stripes
No color.
Color is not correct.
Dark picture.
Some tiny black points and/
or bright points on the screen.
The screen flickers when
turning on the TV.
The picture is too bright.
Picture (stripe) noise.
Distorted picture and noisy
Striped noise during
playback/recording of a
The whole screen is green
when VIDEO 4 input is
The whole screen reddens
when VIDEO 4 input is
Possible remedies
• Make sure the power cord is connected securely.
• Turn on the power of the TV.
• Check antenna/cable connections.
• Set the channels again (page 20).
• Check that the Sleep timer is activated (page 54).
• Check that the On/Off Timer is activated (page 56).
• Check that Auto Shutoff is activated (page 53).
• Check the connection between the optional video equipment and the TV.
• Press TV/VIDEO on the remote (page 32).
• If you connect the video equipment to the S VIDEO input of the TV, set "Auto YC" in the
(Custom Setup) menu to "On" (page 10).
• Check antenna/cable connections.
• Check the antenna location and direction.
• Check if the antenna is broken or bent.
• Check if the antenna has reached the end of its serviceable life. (3-5 years in normal use,
1-2 years at the seaside)
• Keep the TV away from noise sources such as cars, motorcycles, or hair-dryers.
• Press PICTURE MODE to select the desired Picture Mode (page 26).
• Adjust the picture mode options in the
• If you set the POWER SAVING function to "Reduce," the picture may become dimmer
(page 28).
• The picture of a flat panel display is composed of pixels. Tiny black points and/or bright
points (pixels) on the screen, this does not indicate a malfunction.
• This is caused by the Plasma Display Panel feature, and does not indicate a malfunction.
• Press PICTURE MODE to select the desired Picture Mode (page 26).
• Make sure that the antenna is connected using the supplied 75-ohm coaxial cable.
• Keep the antenna cable away from other connecting cords.
• Do not use 300-ohm twin lead cables as interference may occur.
• Check if the connected optional equipment are installed in front of the TV or at the side of
the TV. When installing optional equipment, leave some space between the optional
equipment and TV.
• Video head interference. Keep your VCR away from the TV.
• Leave a space of 30 cm (11
• Avoid installing your VCR in front of the TV or at the side of the TV.
• Y, PB/CB, PR/CR signal is applied to the VIDEO IN 4 jacks. Set "Video 4 Mode" to "Y/
PB/PR" in the
(Initial Setup) menu.
• RGB signal is applied to the VIDEO IN 4 jacks. Set "Video 4 Mode" to "RGB" in the
(Initial Setup) menu.
(Picture/Sound Control) menu.
inch) between your VCR and the TV to avoid noise.
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