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Specifications - LG LPC-M140 Owner's Manual

Portable cd cassette recorder
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Power supply
Power consumption
External dimensions (W x H x D)
Output Power
Battery Operation
Frequency response
Signal-to-noise ratio
Tuning Range
Intermediate Frequency
Tuning Range
Intermediate Frequency
Recording System
Frequency Response
Signal to Noise Ratio
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
About MP3
An MP3 file is audio data compressed by using the
MPEG1 audio layer-3 file-coding scheme. We call
files that have the ".mp3" file extension "MP3 files".
The unit can not read an MP3 file that has not ".mp3"
file extension.
MP3 Disc compatibility with this unit is limited
as follows:
1. Sampling Frequency / 8 - 48kHz
2. Bit rate / 8 - 320kbps
3. CD-R physical format should be "ISO 9660"
4. If you record MP3 files using the software which
cannot create a FILE SYSTEM, for example
"Direct-CD" etc., it is impossible to playback MP3
files. We recommend that you use "Easy-CD
Creator", which creates an ISO9660 file system.
Refer to the back panel of the unit.
3.0 kg
300 x 252 x 171 mm
1W X 2
T.H.D 10%
8Ω X 2
DC 9V, six "C"(R14) batteries (not supplied)
100 - 18000 Hz
55 dB
0.5 %
87.5 -108 MHz
10.7 MHz
Telescopic antenna
522 - 1620 kHz or 520 - 1720 kHz
455 kHz
Ferrite bar antenna
4 Tracks 2 channel stereo
125 - 8000Hz
35/40dB (REC/PLAY)
5. File names should be named using 30 letters or less
6. Do not use special letters such as "/ : * ? " < > " etc.
- This function recognizes the multi session disc according
to a disc of CD-ROM type.
ex) If there are MP3 files in the first session, the MP3
Notice (the date of the production of goods).
First figure ( of the left ) of series number means Year,
next 2 figures
- Month of the production of this goods.
87.5 -108 MHz/65 -108 MHz
and must incorporate ".mp3" extension
e.g. "********.MP3".
file in the first session is only played.
If there are only MP3 files in the whole session, all
of the MP3 files in the session are played.
If there is Audio CD in the first session, only the
Audio CD in the first session is played.



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