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Function, Properties - Siemens 3TK2845 Manual

Safety relays, multifunction device
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Function, Properties

The 3TK2845 multifunction device is used to implement safety-related functions
such as EMERGENCY-STOP monitoring, protective door monitoring and
monitoring functions using non-contact protective equipment (BWS) such as
light curtains and safety mats in machines with movable components.
The device is especially suited for
– operating machines that function without being connected to a bus system
(isolated operation)
– operating machines that require several safety functions
(e.g. EMERGENCY-STOP and a protective door, enabling button and
protective door and locked protective door tumblers)
– operating machines having components which must be switched off during
operation (i.e. for servicing)
The advantage of using this device is the fact that several safety-related
functions can be implemented using only one 3TK2845 multifunction device
rather than using several safety relays. In addition, the device is also suited for
operational switching, cascading and adding safety relays either using contacts
or switching electronically.
A simulation of the devices illustrating how they work can be found at www.sie- (Support
Safety Relays 3TK28).
3TK2845 Multifunction Device Manual
GWA 4NEB 926 2087-22 DS 01
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