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Error Displays/messages - Sony MEX-DV2000 Operating Instructions Manual

Car audio: multi disc player.
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Disc operation
The disc cannot be loaded.
• Another disc is already loaded.
• The disc has been forcibly inserted upside down or in
the wrong way.
The disc does not play back.
• Defective or dirty disc.
• The disc is not applicable.
• The DVD is not applicable due to the region code.
• The disc is not finalized (page 50).
• The disc format and file version are incompatible
with this unit (page 6, 50).
• Press Z to remove the disc.
MP3/WMA/JPEG files do not play back.
• Recording was not performed according to the ISO
9660 level 1 or level 2, the Joliet or Romeo in the
expansion format (DATA CD), or the UDF Bridge
format (DATA DVD) (page 50).
• The file extension is incorrect (page 51).
• Files are not stored in MP3/WMA/JPEG format.
• If the disc contains multiple file types, only the
selected file type (audio/image) can be played.
t Select the appropriate file type using the list
(page 32).
MP3/WMA/JPEG files take longer to play back
than others.
The following discs take a longer time to start
– a disc recorded with a complicated tree structure.
– a disc recorded in Multi Session/Multi Border.
– a disc to which data can be added.
The disc does not start playing from the
Resume playback or multi-disc resume playback
(page 41) has taken effect.
Certain functions cannot be performed.
Depending on the disc, you may not be able to perform
operations such as stop, search, or repeat/shuffle play.
For details, see the manual supplied with the disc.
The soundtrack/subtitle language or angle
cannot be changed.
• Use the DVD menu instead of the direct selection
button on the card remote commander (page 15).
• Multilingual tracks, multilingual subtitles, or multi-
angles are not recorded on the DVD.
• The DVD prohibits changing.
The display items do not scroll.
• For discs with very many characters, those may not
• "A.SCRL" is set to "OFF."
t Set "A.SCRL ON" (page 45) or press (SCRL) on
the main unit.
The operation buttons do not function.
The disc will not eject.
Press the RESET button (page 12).
You forgot the password for parental control.
Enter "5776" in the password input display to unlock
(page 26).
Radio reception
The stations cannot be received.
The sound is hampered by noises.
• Connect a power antenna (aerial) control lead (blue)
or accessory power supply lead (red) to the power
supply lead of a car's antenna (aerial) booster (only
when your car has built-in FM/AM antenna (aerial)
in the rear/side glass).
• Check the connection of the car antenna (aerial).
• The auto antenna (aerial) will not go up.
t Check the connection of the power antenna
(aerial) control lead.
• Check the frequency.
Preset tuning is not possible.
• Store the correct frequency in the memory.
• The broadcast signal is too weak.
Automatic tuning is not possible.
• Setting of the local seek mode is not correct.
t Tuning stops too frequently:
Set "LOCAL ON" (page 45).
t Tuning does not stop at a station:
Set "MONO ON" (page 45).
• The broadcast signal is too weak.
t Perform manual tuning.
During FM reception, the "ST" indication
• Tune in the frequency accurately.
• The broadcast signal is too weak.
t Set "MONO ON" (page 45).
An FM program broadcast in stereo is heard in
The unit is in monaural reception mode.
t Set "MONO OFF" (page 45).

Error displays/Messages

On the main unit
• The disc is dirty or inserted upside down.
t Clean or insert the disc correctly.
• A blank disc has been inserted.
• The disc cannot play due to a problem.
t Insert another disc.
• The disc is not compatible with this unit.
t Insert a compatible disc.
• Press Z to remove the disc.
FAILURE (Illuminates until any button is pressed.)
The connection of speakers/amplifiers is incorrect.
t See the supplied installation/connections manual to
check the connection.
FAILURE (Illuminates for about 1 second.)
When the SAT tuner is connected, storing an SAT
radio channel into a preset failed.
t Be sure to receive the channel that you want to
store, then try it again.
The changer is loading the disc.
t Wait until loading is complete.
L. SEEK +/–
The local seek mode is on during automatic tuning.



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