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DTS-HD Master Audio (page 66)
DTS-HD Master Audio has a maximum
transmission rate of 24.5 Mbps, and uses
lossless compression (Lossless), and DTS-
HD Master Audio corresponds to a maximum
sampling frequency of 192 kHz, and
maximum of 7.1ch.
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia
Interface) (page 15)
HDMI is an interface that supports both video
and audio on a single digital connection. The
HDMI connection carries standard- to high-
definition video signals and multi-channel
audio signals to AV components such as
HDMI equipped TVs, in digital form without
The HDMI specification supports HDCP
(High-bandwidth Digital Contents
Protection), a copy protection technology for
digital entertainment contents for HDMI.
LTH (Low to High) (page 63)
LTH is a recording system that supports
organic pigment type BD-R.
PhotoTV HD (page 40)
"PhotoTV HD" allows for a highly-detailed
pictures, and photo-like expression of subtle
textures and colors. By connecting Sony
"PhotoTV HD" compatible devices using an
HDMI cable, whole new world of photos can
be enjoyed in breathtaking Full HD quality.
For instance, the delicate texture of the
human skin, flowers, sand and waves can
now be displayed on a large screen in
beautiful photo-like quality.
Pop-up menu (page 34)
An enhanced menu operation available on
BD-ROMs. The pop-up menu appears when
POP UP/MENU is pressed during playback,
and can be operated while playback is in
x.v.Color (page 46)
x.v.Color is a familiar term for the xvYCC
standard proposed by Sony.
xvYCC is an international standard for Color
space in video.
This standard can express a wider color range
than the currently used broadcast standard.
24p True Cinema (page 45)
Movies shot with a film camera consist of 24
frames per second.
Since conventional televisions (both CRT
and flat panels) display frames either at 1/60
or 1/50 second intervals, the 24 frames do not
appear at an even pace.
When connected to a TV with 24p
capabilities, the player displays each frame at
1/24 second intervals — the same interval
originally shot with the film camera, thus
faithfully reproducing the original cinema


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