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For Customers in Canada
If this product is not working
properly, please call 1-877-602-
2008 for Peace of Mind
Warranty Replacement
For other product related questions
please contact our Customer
Information Service Center at
1-877-899-7669 or write to us at:
Customer Information Service 115
Gordon Baker Road, Toronto,
Ontario, M2H 3R6
Notes About the Discs
• To keep the disc clean, handle
the disc by its edge. Do not
touch the surface.
Dust, fingerprints, or scratches
on the disc may cause it to
• Do not expose the disc to
direct sunlight or heat sources
such as hot air ducts, or leave it
in a car parked in direct
sunlight as the temperature
may rise considerably inside
the car.
• After playing, store the disc in
its case.
• Clean the disc with a cleaning
cloth. Wipe the disc from the
center out.
• Do not use solvents such as
benzine, thinner,
commercially available disc/
lens cleaners, or anti-static
spray intended for vinyl LPs.
• If you have printed the disc's
label, dry the label before
• Do not use the following discs.
– A disc that has a non-
standard shape (e.g., card,
– A disc with a label or sticker
on it.
– A disc that has cellophane
tape or sticker adhesive on it.
• Do not resurface the playing
side of a disc to remove
surface scratches.


On safety
• To prevent fire or shock
hazard, do not place objects
filled with liquids, such as
vases, on the player, or place
the player near water, such as
near a bathtub or shower room.
Should any solid object or
liquid fall into the cabinet,
unplug the player and have it
checked by qualified
personnel before operating it
any further.
• Do not touch the AC power
cord with wet hands. Doing so
may cause an electric shock.
On placement
• Place the player in a location
with adequate ventilation to
prevent heat build-up in the
• Do not place the player on a
soft surface such as a rug that
might block the ventilation
• Do not install this player in a
confined space, such as a
bookshelf or similar unit.
• Do not place the player in a
location near heat sources, or
in a place subject to direct
sunlight, excessive dust, or
mechanical shock.
• If the player is brought directly
from a cold to a warm location,
or is placed in a very damp
room, moisture may condense
on the lenses inside the player.
Should this occur, the player
may not operate properly. In
this case, remove the disc and
leave the player turned on for
about half an hour until the
moisture evaporates.
• Do not install the player in an
inclined position. It is
designed to be operated in a
horizontal position only.
• Keep the player and the discs
away from equipment with
strong magnets, such as
microwave ovens, or large
• Do not place heavy or unstable
objects on the player.


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