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Parameter Setting Ranges; List Of Parameter Setting Range - Mitsubishi Electric MELCEC Q Series User Manual

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Parameter Setting Ranges

Parameter contents of the CPU module and parameter setting ranges are explained

List of parameter setting range

Parameters are used for allocating the user memory area inside the CPU module, setting
various functions and device ranges.
Parameters are usually stored in the first 3k bytes of the user memory area.
In the parameters, the network parameter for MELSECNET/10 is allocated and stored
after the main sequence program area. (Refer to Section 4.2.2 for details.)
Parameters can be used with default values set in advance as shown below. These values
can be changed within the setting ranges by using the peripheral devices in accordance
with the intended use.
Main sequence program capacity
Subsequence program capacity
File register capacity
Extension file register capacity
Comment capacity
Expanded comment capacity
Status latch
Sampling trace
Link relay (B)
Timer (T)
Counter (C)
Data register (D)
Link register (W)
Settings for internal relay (M),
latch relay (L), step relay (S)
List of parameter setting range
Default Value
6k steps
(Block No.1 through No.8, and block No.10 through No.28 (when using a memory card) can be set.)
[Automatically setup in an empty area in a memory based on the file register setting.]
[When comment capacity is set up, 1k byte is added to the memory area.]
Performed by setting up extension file registers to store devices and result in each of status
latch and sampling trace modes.
(Refer to the Type ACPU/QCPU-A (A Mode)(Fundamentals) Programming Manual.)
• Latch: L1000
to L2047 only
• None for
M0 to M999
M2048 to M8191
L1000 to L2047
None for S
Setting Range
1 to 28k steps
(1k step = in 2k-byte units)
0 to 8k points (1k point = in 2k-byte units)
1 block = 16k bytes
0 to 4032 points (unit: 64 points = 1k byte)
0 to 3968 points (unit: 64 points = 1k byte)
No parameter setting
B0 to B1FFF (in 1-point unit)
T0 to T255 (in 1-point unit)
T256 to T2047 (in 1-point unit)
C0 to C255 (in 1-point unit)
C256 to C1023 (in 1-point unit)
D0 to D8191 (in 1-point unit)
W0 to W1FFF (in 1-point unit)
M/L/S0 to M/L/S8191
(M, L, S are serial numbered.)
4 - 15
1 to 30k steps
(1k step = in 2k-byte units)
1 to 30k steps
(in 1k-step unit)


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