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AEG HR 5654 Instruction Manual page 46

Shaver for men
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Cleaning and Maintenance
• Disconnect the hand-held unit from the power supply before cleaning.
• Do not immerse the parts into water.
• Do not use a wire brush or other abrasives.
• Do not use sharp or abrasive cleaning agents.
Shaving head with shaving blades
1. Switch of the shaver.
2. Press the shaving head button.
3. Clean the inside and the outside of the shaving head with the brush.
Cleaning the handset and the power cord
• You may wipe these parts with a damp cloth.
• Use slightly soapy water to remove spots.
Maintenance and replacement
• Clean the shaving head thoroughly once a month. If necessary, use special cleaning
aids available in specialist shops.
• Lubricate the shaving foils and long hair cutting attachment with a light machine oil (a
few drops suffice).
Replacement of shaving parts
To get 100% shaving performance, replace the shaver parts at least every 18 months or if
the parts show signs of wear. We recommend that you replace the parts as a set.
Noise emission
The workplace-related emission value is less than 70 dB(A).


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