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About This Operating Instructions; Symbols And Terms - Sony Multiscan CPD-1304S Service Manual

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About this operating instructions

1 About this operating instructions
This documentation describes the function, installation, commissioning, operation, use and
maintenance of the Honeywell Elster® GasLab Q2 Gas Quality Analyzer (hereinafter called
GasLab Q2 or short Q2).The device can be used worldwide, use operating instructions in your
native language or a language you know verry well to understand all the information.
The safety and warning notices on the device are in English or French. Within the scope of this
operating instructions, the information in the corresponding translation is reproduced.
The operating instructions is aimed at professionals in the field of gas industry / process
measuring technique and provides the device-specific knowledge. In addition to general specialist
knowledge, it enables the safe and efficient handling of the instrument.
Different basic skills are required depending on the field of activity,
corresponding information can be found in the respective chapters.
The definitions used are listed  See chapter 11.2.
Compliance with all the safety notes and handling hints specified in this Operating Manual is a
prerequisite to working with the device in a safe manner and using it properly, and for obtaining
accurate measurement and calculation results. In addition, compliance is also necessary with the
guidelines, standards, local accident prevention regulations and general safety regulations that
apply for the device's area of application.
The printed documentation attached to the device reflects the technical status
at the time of delivery. Subject to technical modifications in the course of
further development. These will be introduced without notice in the latest
version. You can download an updated PDF copy of the operating instruction
from our DOCUTHEK ( Be sure to use the appropriate
instructions for your Q2 device.
The figures used to represent the issues discussed and may vary slightly from
the actual design.

1.1 Symbols and terms

The safety notes and warnings in this Manual and on the GasLab Q2 support the proper handling
of the device. The Symbols and Terms are defined below. Text that is preceded by such a sign
must be observed.
indicates information that is important and relevant to the safety function.
Indicate hazardous situations which may result in material damage and bodily harm or
even death if disregarded.
GasLab Q2
G a s Q u a l i t y A n a l y z e r
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