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Chapter 3. Identifying Frus (Crus); Frus (Crus) - Lenovo IdeaPad C340-14IWL Hardware Maintenance Manual

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Chapter 3. Identifying FRUs (CRUs)


Your computers contain the following types of CRUs and FRUs:
• Self-service CRUs: Refer to parts that can be installed or replaced easily by customer themselves or by
trained service technicians at an additional cost.
• Optional-service CRUs: Refer to parts that can be installed or replaced by customers with a greater skill
level. Trained service technicians can also provide service to install or replace the parts under the type of
warranty designated for the customer's machine.
• FRUs: Refer to parts that must be installed or replaced only by trained service technicians. If customers
choose to replace the FRUs by themselves, the product warranty might be affected.
The exploded illustrations help Lenovo service technicians identify FRUs or CRUs that they may need to
replace when servicing a customer's computer.
Note: Depending on the computer model, your computer might look different from the following illustrations.
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