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Kawasaki KZ1300-A1 Quick Reference Manual Page 75

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elnstall a new cylinder base gasket.
eLifting up the camshaft and timing chains so they do
not get caught, turn the crankshaft so that #3 and
pistons are at T.D.C. position
eUsing the piston bases (special tools) at the bottom
of pistons, hold the pistons level during cylinder instal-
For each piston of #1, 2, 5, and 6 pistons,
insert the piston holders at the front and the rear of the
A. Piston Base (57001-1038)
B. Piston Holder (57001-1030)
ePosition each piston ring so that the opening in the
top and the oil ring expander of each piston is facing
forward, and the second ring opening faces the rear.
The openings of the oil ring steel rails must be position-
ed so that one is about 30° on one side of the opening
of the expander, and the other about 30° on the other
side of the expander opening.
Piston Rings
eApply engine oil to the piston rings and the cylinder
inside surfaces.
If the pistons and/or cylinder block
are replaced, apply a thin coat of a molybdenum
disulfide engine assembly grease on the new pistons
and cylinder bores.
eCompress the piston rings using the piston ring com-
pressor (special tools).
A. Piston Ring Compressor (57001-921)
eSet the cylinder block on the
pistons, and
press down the cylinder block little by little while
keeping it level.
After the cylinder sleeves slide over
the piston rings, remove the special tools from the #3
~ ~s::~ ~~;n:li:o:~ta~:nt:eng!~st:"nd r~~:
compresson before the cylinder sleeves slide over the
rings, reset the piston ring compressor to compress the
rings. Otherwise the piston rings will be broken.
eContinue pressing down
cylinder block until it
passes over the piston rings of #1,
5, and 6 pistons,
and remove the special tools.
ePress down the cylinder block completely until it seats
closely on the crankcase.
elnstall and tighten four cylinder bolts to 1.0 kg-m (87
in-Ibs) of
eApply a molybdenum disulfide engine assembly grease
to the water pump drive shaft, and insert it through the
timing and camshaft chain loops.
Timing Chain
B. Camshaft Chain
eEngage the timing chain on the sprocket, and fit the
sprocket on the
matching its knock pin with the
notch in the shaft end. Finger-tighten the bolt.


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