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Kawasaki KZ1300-A1 Quick Reference Manual Page 52

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~=:::.. ~evC::~
a .harp edge to remove the diaphragm.
eTo remove the jet needle
from the vacuum piston,
remove the circlip
with a circlip pliers, and remove
the jet needle holder
jet needle with the
, spring seat
, and spring
from the vacuum
NOTE: There is a small projection of about 0.5 mm
height on the bottom of the jet needle holder, which
positions the jet needle.
Be careful not to chip it off.
Jet Needle Holder
1. Small Projection
eTurn in the pilot screw and count the number of turns
until it seats fully but not tightly. Record the number
of turns for that carburetor, and then remove the
pilot screw and spring
eUnscrew the starter plunger cap
and pull out the
starter plunger assembly.
SUmr Plunger Assembly
eRemove the clip
, and separate the bush@, starter
plunger cap, spring
, and starter plunger<l}
eAfter separating the carburetors (See Pg. 53), remove
the diaphragm cover
of the coasting enricher by
unscrewing the screws (3) with the lockwashers.
The spring seat @, spring @, and diaphragm
come out.
":~.:;:.:e c:~~~':
: :
determines 1h. pre"oed of 1h. spring. Turning It will
Clu ..
1he mutfunction of 1he carburetor.
Bottom End:
eRemove the idle adjusting screw
and its spring@,
and remove the lower rear mounting plate
if the
left or center pair of carburetors are disassembled.
eRemove the screws ({]) with lockwashers, and take off
the float bowl
and gasket
eTo remove the pilot jet @, unscrew the plug
eUnscrew the main jet @, and remove the washer
{p .
eRemove the float
by pushing out the pin
eTo remove the float valve assembly, remove the screw
with lockwashers and holding plate @, and pull
out the valve assembly (clip
valve needle@, valve
seat@, and 0
A. FICMt Valve Anlmbly
B. Holding Plete
remove the needle jet @
first remove the upper
chamber cover
and vacuum piston diaphragm Q)
(See above), and main jet@, then push out the needle
jet toward the upper chamber.
Carburetor Assembly Notes (each carburetor):
General Information:
1. Replace any 0 rings and gaskets with new ones if
damaged or deteriorated.
2. Apply a thin coat of grease to the joint balls and
ball seats in the link
3. Adjust the butterfly valve link mechanism (Pg. 54)
and fast idle mechanism (Pg. SO).
Top End:
1. When installing the diaphragm and the vacuum
pistons, note the following:
oFit each vacuum piston so that the groove in the
jet needle holder goes into the
shaped notch.


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