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Transmission - Kawasaki KZ1300-A1 Quick Reference Manual

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Clutch Plate Installation
1. Clu tch Housing
6. Friction Plate
2. Outer Hub
7. Steel Plate
3. Inner Hub
8. Spring Plate
4. Rubber Damper
9. Clutch Spring
5. Clutch Hub Assembly
the drive shaft is
be disassembled, remove
the clutch while the engine is in the frame (p. 347).
When the driven shaft is
be disassembled, remove
the driven shaft cam damper while the engine is in the
frame (p. 311).
eRemove the engine (p. 96)
eSplit the crankcase (p. 98).
eTake out the drive shaft, driven shaft, and output shaft
The washer and shim{s) may fall off the
end of the driven shaft.
A. Drive Shaft Assembly
C. Output Shaft Assembly
B. Driven Shaft Assembly
D. Washer
-Check to see that the following parts are in place on
the upper crankcase half:
drive shaft set pin and set
ring, driven shaft set ring, output shaft set ring.
Off the drive shaft standard set ring (PIN: 14013-1004)
cannot be put into the crankcase groove, use a thin
set ring (PIN: 14013-013) instead of the standard set
A. Set Rings
B. Set Pin
el nstall the drive shaft pushing the secondary chain
driven sprocket toward the transmission gear, and fit
the secondary chain on the sprocket. Check that the
set pin goes into the hole in the needle bearing outer
race, and that the set ring fits into the groove in the
ball bearing, and that there are no gap between the
driven sprocket and the drive shaft ball bearing.
elnstall the driven shaft and output shaft assemblies on
the upper crankcase half while engaging the bevel gears.
Check that the driven shaft set ring fits into the groove
in the driven shaft needle bearing, and that the output
shaft set ring stops the output shaft needle bearing
from coming out.
elnstall the shims outside of the washer. Put the thinner
one inside and the thicker one outside.
adjustment of the shim between the washer and
crankcase, refer
p. 350.
eAssemble the crankcase halves (p. 99).
elnstall the engine (p. 98).
Drive Shaft:
Refer to pp. 102 - 105, noting the following.
1. The secondary chain driven sprocket
and collareD
are made into one piece, and the needle bearings (2)
between the drive shaft and secondary chain driven
are discontinued. (See fig. F25 on p.103.)


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