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Carburetors; Fairing (kz1300-b) - Kawasaki KZ1300-A1 Quick Reference Manual

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SUPPLEMENT--1980 Model
A. Adjusting Screw
elnstall the headlight shield.
NOTE: On high beam, the brightest point should be
slightly below horizontal. Adjust the headlight to the
proper angle according to the regulation that applies to
its operation.
Adjust with normal operational weight
loaded on the motorcycle.
Carburetor Disassembly and Assembly
(each carburetor):
The procedures are the same as those for the 1979
KZ1300-A 1 with the following exceptions. Refer to Pgs.
50- 53.
1. To remove the pilot screw, first punch and pry off
the plug with an awl or other suitable tools. Turn in
the pilot screw and count the number of turns until
it seats fully but not tightly, and then remove it with
its 0 ring and spring. This is to set the pilot screw to
its original position when assembling.
2. Install the pilot screw as follows:
eTurn in the pilot screw fully but not tightly, and
then back it out the same number of turns counted
during disassembly.
elnstall a new plug in the pilot screw hole, and apply
a small amount of a bonding agent to the circum-
ference of the plug to fix the plug.
Plug Installation
1. Apply a bonding agent.
3. Pilot Screw
2. Plug
4. Carburetor Body
Do not apply too much bond on the
plug to keep the pilot screw itself from
being fixed.
eTake off the headlight shield by removing the four
eRemove the two headlight unit mounting screws, pull
the headlight bulb socket out of the headlight unit, and
then take out the headlight unit and rim.
A. Headlight Mounting Screws
B. Rim
eRemove the right and left lower-fairing mounting
screws (5) on each side, and take off the lower
A. Mounting Screws
B. Lower Fairing
eRemove the fuel tank.
eDisconnect the two 3-pin connectors under the frame
top pipe, and pull out the fairing harness so that it
does not hinder upper-fairing removal.


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