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Kawasaki KZ1300-A1 Quick Reference Manual Page 224

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Table J10
Disc Runout (Front, Rear)
Service Limit
0.3 mm
Measure the thickness of each disc at the point where
it has worn the most.
Replace the disc
it has worn
past the service limit.
Table J11
Disc Thickness
Service Limit
The steering stem
does not wear, but it may
become bent.
If it becomes bent, the steering will be
stiff, and the bearings may become damaged.
The steering stem will require periodic adjustment
as it becomes loose due to bearing wear. Overtightening
during adjustment, however, will make the steering stiff
and cause accelerated bearing wear.
Lack of proper
lubrication will also bring about the same results.
From overtightening or from a heavy shock to the
steering stem, the bearing race surfaces may become
dented. Damaged bearing races will cause the handlebar
to jerk or catch when turned.
Steering stem warp
Examine the steering stem, and replace it if it is bent.
Bearing wear, damage
bearings clean of grease and dirt, and ex-
amine the races and rollers.
If the rollers or races are
worn, or if
race is dented, replace both races and
all the rollers for that bearing as a set.
Bearing lubrication
In accordance with the Periodic Maintenance Chart
(Pg. 10), and whenever the steering stem is disassem-
bled, the steering stem bearings should be relubricated.
Wipe all the old grease off the races and balls. Wash
them in a high flash-point solvent
necessary. Replace
the bearing parts if they show wear or damage. Apply
grease liberally to the upper and lower races, and stick
the bearing balls in place with grease.
A. Grease the bearings.
1. Stem Head Bolt
9. Head Clamp Bolt
2. Flat Washer
10. Upper Inner Race
3. Wave Washer
11. Upper Outer Race
4. Stem Locknuts
12. Lower Inner Race
5. Tapered Roller Bearing
13. Tapered Roller Bearing
6. Stem Head
14. Lower Outer Race
7. Frame Head Pipe
15. Stem Base
8. Steering Stem


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