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Kawasaki KZ1300-A1 Quick Reference Manual Page 178

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Valve stem height inspection
When lapping is completed, check the valve stem
height and adjust if necessary.
Valve Stem Height
After grinding the valve or
seats and before
assembling the cylinder head, measure the installed valve
height from the bottom of the cylinder head lifter hole
to the end of the valve stem with a vernier caliper. Refer
to Table H26 for the recommended repair.
Be sure to mark each valve so it will be properly
matChed to its corresponding valve seat during assembly.
A selection of various thickness valve shims are avail
able for adjusting the valve
There is, however,
a limit to the amount of adjustment possible using the
Resurfacing of the valve face and
inevitably drops the valve deeper into the valve seat,
allowing the valve stem end to come closer to the cam-
Consequently, a thinner shim must be used to
compensate for the reduced valve
Over a period of long use and repeated resurfacing,
the valve may drop so far into
valve seat that even
the thinnest shim cannot give adequate clearance. In
this case, it is possible to grind the end of the valve stem
to reduce the valve installed height and so gain the
needed clearance (See Caution in Pg. 175).
If the valve drops so far into the valve seat that the
installed height becomes quite large, either by a re-
surfacing error or heavy wear, it may be necessary to
replace the valve and remeasure the installed height. If
this is not successful
it will be necessary to replace the
cylinder head. Replacement valve seats are not available.
Valve Springs
Spring tension
Remove the springs and check each on a spring ten-
sion testing
Compress the spring, and read the
tension at the test length
If the spring tension at the
specified length is weaker than the service limit, replace
the spring.
Valve Spring Tension Measurement
Table H24
Valve Spring Tension
Test Length
Service Limit
23.6 mm
23.6 kg
25.6 mm
44.1 kg
Measure the squareness of each spring by standing
each end on a surface plate and setting a square against
it. Replace any spring for which the distance between
the top of the spring and the square is greater than the
service limit.
Valve Spring Squareness
within 1.5 mm
Table H19
Valve Stem Bend
Service Limit


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