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Kawasaki KZ1300-A1 Quick Reference Manual Page 121

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eSet the motorcycle on its center stand.
eDisconnect the lower end of the speedometer cable
with pliers.
A. Speedometer Cable
C. Axle Clamp Bolts
B. Caliper Mounting Bolts
D. Axle Nut
eRemove the mounting bolts, lockwashers, and flat
washers (2 ea), and remove one of the calipers from
the fork leg. The brake hose need not be disconnected
from the caliper.
elnsert a wood wedge (5 - 6 mm
between the
disc brake pads.
This prevents the pads from being
pushed out of position if the brake lever is accidentally
eLoosen the axle nut and clamp bolts (4).
eUsing a jack at the specified location under the engine,
lift the front wheel off the ground.
!~a~ !~:~fii~~P:~~:e a~a=~o:.~t~:
A. Apply a jack at this location.
ePull out the axle and remove the wheel.
~~o:o:h~~:!: :h:::.~~a;h:;r!~~:~~h~:
can damage or warp the disc. Place blocks under the
wheel so that the discs do not touch the ground.
elnsert a wood wedge (6 - 7 mm thick) between the
pads of the other caliper.
Installation Notes:
1. Install the speedometer gear housing so that the tabs
on the speedometer gear fit in the notches in the
speedometer gear drive.
A. Notches
B. Speedometer Housing
2. Before installing the wheel, use a high flash-point
solvent to completely clean off any grease that may
have gotten on either side of the discs. Do not use
a solvent which will leave an oily residue.
3. Insert the front axle from right to left.
4. Turn the speedometer gear housing counterclockwise
until it comes to rest against the stop on the fork
5. Tighten the axle nut and clamp nuts (4) as follows:
OTighten the axle nut and clamp nuts (4) to a snug
OTighten the axle nut to 8.0 kg-m (58 ft-Ibs) of
Prevent the axle from turning by inserting
a metal rod through the axle.
OTighten the axle clamp nuts (2) on the left fork leg
to 1.8 kg-m (13.0 ft-Ibs) of torque.
OLoosen the axle clamp nuts on the right fork leg,
and pump the front fork several times. This opera-
tion aligns both front fork legs so that they are
parallel to each other.
OTighten the axle clamp nuts on the right fork leg
to 1.8 kg-m (13.0 ft-Ibs) of torque.
6. Insert the speedometer inner cable into the housing
while turning the wheel so that the slot in the end of
the cable will mesh with the tongue of the speed-
ometer pinion.


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