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Additional Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric City Multi R2 Series Installation Manual

Air-conditioners for building application
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1-7. Additional precautions

Do not turn off the power immediately after stopping operation.
- Wait for at least five minutes after the unit has stopped before turning off the power. Failure to do
so may result in drain water leakage or the mechanical failure of sensitive parts.
The unit must be periodically inspected by a dealer or qualified personnel.
- If dust or dirt accumulates inside the unit, the drain pipes may become clogged, and water
leakage from the pipes may wet the surroundings and generate odours.
Turn on the power at least 12 hours before starting operation. Keep the power turned on
throughout the operating season.
- Insufficient energizing will result in malfunction.
Do not use the air conditioner for special purposes (e.g. keeping food, animals, plants,
precision devices, or art objects in a room).
- Such items could be damaged or deteriorated.
Collect the refrigerant and properly dispose of it in accordance with local regulations.
Do not install the unit on or over items that are subject to water damage.
- When the room humidity exceeds 80% or if the drain pipe is clogged, condensation may collect
and drip from the indoor unit onto the ceiling or floor.
Drain piping must be installed by a dealer or qualified personnel to ensure proper
- Improper drain piping may cause water leakage, resulting in damage to furniture and other
Take appropriate measures against electrical noise interference when installing the unit in
hospitals or radio communication facilities.
- Inverter, high-frequency medical, or wireless communication equipment as well as power
generators may cause the air conditioning system to malfunction. The air conditioning system
may also adversely affect the operation of these types of equipment by creating electrical noise.
Insulate pipes to prevent condensation.
- Condensation may collect and drip from the unit onto the ceiling or floor.
Keep the service valves closed until refrigerant charging is completed.
- Failure to do so will damage the unit.
Place a wet towel on the service valves before brazing the pipes to keep the temperature of
the valves from rising above 120ºC (248ºF).
- Failure to do so may result in equipment damage.
Keep the flame out of contact with the cables and metal sheet when brazing the pipes.
- Failure to do so may result in burnout or malfunction.
Use the following tools specifically designed for use with the specified refrigerant: Gauge
manifold, charge hose, gas leak detector, check valve, refrigerant charge base, vacuum
gauge, and refrigerant recovery equipment.
- Gas leak detectors for conventional refrigerants will not react to a refrigerant that does not
contain chlorine.
- If the specified refrigerant is mixed with water, refrigerant oil, or another refrigerant, the
refrigerant oil will deteriorate and the compressor will malfunction.

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