Precautions For Unit Installation; Precautions For Piping Work - Mitsubishi Electric City Multi R2 Series Installation Manual

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1-3. Precautions for unit installation

Do not install the unit where combustible gas may leak.
- If combustible gas accumulates around the unit, fire or explosion may result.
Do not allow children to play with the packing materials.
- Suffocation or serious injury may result.
Cut up the packing materials before disposal.
All installation work must be performed by qualified personnel in accordance with this
- Improper installation may result in refrigerant leakage, water leakage, serious injury, electric
shock, or fire.
If the air conditioner is installed in a small room, take measures to prevent the refrigerant
concentration from exceeding the safety limit in the event of refrigerant leakage.
- Consult your dealer regarding the appropriate measures to prevent the allowable concentration
from being exceeded. If the refrigerant leaks and the allowable concentration is exceeded,
hazards due to a lack of oxygen in the room will result.
Install the unit in accordance with the instructions to minimize the risk of damage from
earthquakes and strong winds.
- Improper installation will cause the unit to topple, resulting in serious injury.
The unit must be securely installed on a structure that can sustain its weight.
- Failure to do so will cause the unit to fall, resulting in serious injury.
Seal all openings around pipes and wires to keep out small animals, rainwater, or snow.
- Failure to do so may result in current leakage, electric shock, or damage to the unit.

1-4. Precautions for piping work

Before heating the brazed sections, remove the gas and oil that are trapped in the pipes.
- Failure to do so may generate fire, resulting in serious injury.
Do not purge the air using refrigerant. Use a vacuum pump to evacuate the system.
- Residual gas in the refrigerant lines will cause bursting of the pipes or an explosion.
Do not use oxygen, flammable gas, or a refrigerant containing chlorine for air-tightness
- Doing so may result in an explosion. Chlorine will deteriorate the refrigerant oil.
When installing or relocating the unit, do not allow air or any substance other than the
specified refrigerant to enter the refrigerant lines.
- Any substance other than the specified refrigerant may cause abnormally high pressure in the
refrigerant lines, resulting in bursting of the pipes or an explosion.
After the installation has been completed, check for refrigerant leaks.
- If the refrigerant leaks, oxygen starvation may result. If the leaked refrigerant comes in contact
with a heat source, toxic gas will be generated.

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Table of Contents

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