Electrical Work; Before Electrical Work; Power Cables And Device Capacity - Mitsubishi Electric City Multi R2 Series Installation Manual

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10. Electrical work

Electrical work must be performed by qualified personnel in accordance with local
regulations and the instructions provided in this manual. Only use the specified cables and
dedicated circuits.
- Inadequate power source capacity or improper electrical work will result in electric shock,
malfunction, or fire.
Proper grounding must be provided by qualified personnel.
- Improper grounding may result in electric shock, fire, explosion, or malfunction due to electrical
noise. Do not connect the ground wire to gas or water pipes, lightning rods, or telephone ground

10-1. Before electrical work

・When performing electrical work, refer to the indoor unit or controller installation manuals as well.
・Bear in mind ambient conditions (ambient temperature, direct sunlight, rain water, etc.) when proceeding with the
wiring and connections.
・When opening or closing the front panel of the control box, do not let it come into contact with any of the internal
・Specific wiring requirements should adhere to the wiring regulations of the region.
・Include some slack in the wiring for the control box on the indoor and outdoor units, because these boxes are
sometimes removed at the time of service work.

10-2. Power cables and device capacity

Include some slack in the power cables.
- Failure to do so may break or overheat the cables, resulting in smoke or fire.
Install an inverter circuit breaker on the power supply of each unit.
- Failure to do so may result in electric shock or fire.
Only use properly rated breakers (an earth leakage breaker, local switch <a switch + fuse
that meets local electrical codes>, or overcurrent breaker).
- Failure to do so may result in electric shock, malfunction, smoke, or fire.
Only use standard power cables of sufficient capacity.
- Failure to do so may result in current leakage, overheating, smoke, or fire.
Tighten all terminal screws to the specified torque.
- Loose screws and contact failure may result in smoke or fire.
If a large electric current flows due to a malfunction or faulty wiring, earth-leakage breakers
on the unit side and on the upstream side of the power supply system could both operate.
Depending on the importance of the system, separate the power supply system or take
protective coordination of breakers.

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Table of Contents

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