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Thermal Insulation For Pipes - Mitsubishi Electric City Multi R2 Series Installation Manual

Air-conditioners for building application
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9-7. Thermal insulation for pipes

Insulate pipes to prevent condensation.
- Condensation may collect and drip from the unit onto the ceiling or floor.
Insulate the high- and low-pressure pipes, and liquid and gas pipes separately with polyethylene foam insulation
materials. Inadequate insulation may cause condensation to drip. Pipes in the ceiling are especially vulnerable to
condensation and require adequate insulation.
9-7-1. Insulation material
・Check that the insulation materials meet the standards in the table below.
Between an outdoor unit and BC controller (R2 system), between BC controllers, or between an outdoor unit and
HBC controller (Hybrid City Multi system)
Thickness [mm (in)]
Heat resistance
Between a BC controller and indoor unit (R2 system)
Thickness [mm (in)]
Heat resistance
* The insulation thickness may need to be increased in high-temperature/humidity conditions.
* Even when specifications are defined by your client, the standards in the table should be met.
Between an HBC controller and indoor unit (Hybrid City Multi system)
Refer to the HBC controller Installation Manual for details.
Glass fiber + Steel wire
material A
Adhesive + Heat-resistant polyethylene foam + Adhesive tape
Under the floor and exposed
covering B
* If a polyethylene cover is used as an outer covering, asphalt roofing is not necessary.
・Do not insulate the electric wires.
High-pressure pipe
Min. 10 (7/16)
ø6.35 (ø1/4)–ø25.4 (ø1)
Min. 10 (7/16)
Steel wire
Oily mastic asphalt or asphalt
Insulation material A
Outer covering B
Vinyl tape
Waterproof hemp cloth + Bronze asphalt
Waterproof hemp cloth + Zinc plate + Oily paint
Low-pressure pipe
Min. 20 (13/16)
Min. 120°C (248°F)
Pipe size [mm (in)]
ø28.58 (ø1-1/8)–ø41.28 (ø1-5/8)
Min. 15 (5/8)
Min. 120°C (248°F)
High-pressure pipe or liquid pipe
Low-pressure pipe or gas pipe
Electric wire
Finishing tape
Insulation material

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