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System Test And Initialization - Asus Aaeon COM-SKUC6 User Manual

Com express module
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System Test and Initialization

The board uses certain routines to test and initialize board hardware. If the routines
encounter an error during the tests, you will either hear a few short beeps or see an
error message on the screen. There are two kinds of errors: fatal and non-fatal. The
system can usually continue the boot up sequence with non-fatal errors.
System configuration verification routines check the current system configuration
stored in the CMOS memory and BIOS NVRAM. If a system configuration is not found
or a system configuration data error is detected, the system will load the optimized
default and re-boot with this default system configuration automatically.
There are four situations in which you will need to setup system configuration:
You are starting your system for the first time.
You have changed the hardware attached to your system.
The system configuration is reset by Clear-CMOS jumper.
The CMOS memory has lost power and the configuration information has been
The COM-KBUC6-A11 CMOS memory has an integral lithium battery backup for data
retention. You will need to replace the complete unit when it runs down.
Chapter 3 – AMI BIOS Setup



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