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Replacement Procedure - Siemens 27086-TAB Technical Instructions

Gas valve actuator replacement kit


Siemens Gas Valve Actuator Replacement Kit # 27086-TAB Instructions


Replacement instructions for the actuator are as follows:
1. After ensuring that all electrical power is removed from the boiler, remove boiler side panels
as necessary to access the actuator. Depending upon the boiler model, the actuator may be
installed at any angle except upside down. The example shown in Figure 2 is a double-block
gas train.
2. Use a standard Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw holding the semi-transparent
wiring compartment cover of the old actuator and make a note of all wire connections.
3. After making a note of the wire connections, release the wires from the connections by
pushing down on the spring loaded lever under each wire terminal and remove wires.
4. Pull all loose wires from out of the wire conduit in the side. A spare bushing for the wiring
conduit hole is included in the kit in case it is needed.
5. Remove the four 4mm Allen bolts that hold the actuator to the valve body (Figure 2) and
then remove the actuator.
6. Install new actuator from replacement kit and affix to valve body with 4mm Allen bolts
captured in the body of the new actuator.
7. On all BMK 1.5 – 3000 models, and on BMK 6000 units with the newer actuator shown in
Figure 4, remove the new actuator cover, punch out the holes in the plastic to accommodate
the wiring, then insert the wires through wire conduit and wire it identically to the old
actuator. Skip this step on older BMK 6000 units with the original actuator (which included
an Auxiliary Switch Adjustment Screw) as shown in Figure 5, and complete Step 8, below.
Wire Compartment
VG Series
Valve Body
VD2: 01/28/2014
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Technical Instruction Document
Figure 2: Actuator Installation on Valve Body
Siemens Actuator
(P/N 69038 or
4mm Allen
Keyed Bolts
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